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Ensuring co-existence of air defence radar systems with offshore wind


Offshore wind projects must work with aviation stakeholders including with air defence and air traffic control radars in order to gain consent and go ahead. Effectively coordinating the relationship between offshore wind and aviation is critical to building power at the scale and pace required.

To this end, OWIC and the Government have established a joint taskforce to drive collaborative agreements, ensuring coexistence of offshore wind with radar infrastructure now and in the future.

Our joint work with government aims to deliver a strategic mitigation, future-proofing our energy and radar infrastructure together.

Who we are

Who we are

Alexandre Davies, Delivery Lead, Aviation

Dujon Goncalves-Colins, Industry Chair


Publications & Resources

An Assessment of Radar mitigation techniques for Offshore Wind


Defence & Wind:
Strategy & Implementation Plan


Mitigating the adverse effects of offshore wind farms on air defence radar: concept demonstrations


Latest News

£3.5m investment on offshore wind and Air Defence

31 August 2023

Government and industry-led taskforce unlocks new opportunities for offshore wind

29 September 2021

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