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New report showcases UK’s offshore wind success as COP26 discusses energy transition

4 Nov 2021

A new report by the Offshore Wind Industry Council - published on the day that COP26 focusses on accelerating the global transition to clean energy - highlights the progress which the UK’s offshore wind industry has made on the landmark Sector Deal agreed with the Government in 2019.

The document “Offshore Wind: Building On The UK’s Success” outlines initiatives continuing across the industry to work on the key parts of the Sector Deal – creating jobs, growing the UK supply chain, building up centres of offshore wind excellence in coastal communities, accelerating technical innovation, upgrading the grid, promoting diversity and protecting our natural environment.

The report highlights the fact that offshore wind forms the backbone of the UK’s commitment to net zero by 2050 and the UK Prime Minister’s vision for a Green Industrial Revolution. The technology is also at the heart of a green economic recovery after the pandemic and the Just Transition to clean power.

26,000 people work in the UK offshore wind sector and this is set to rise to 69,000 over the next 5 years. The UK-based supply chain is growing rapidly, as major investment announcements in new factory facilities totalling over £900 million have been made this year, creating and securing more than 2,500 new jobs in our manufacturing sector alone.

The Co-Chair of the OWIC, Danielle Lane, Vattenfall’s UK Country Manager, said:

“A shared vision and effective collaboration with Government and a wide range of stakeholders have helped our industry to accelerate the UK’s terrific progress in offshore wind since the Sector Deal was agreed.

“This report can act as a blueprint for other countries as they discuss the transition to clean energy at COP26 today. It contains insights into how to overcome the challenges faced by offshore wind developers, as well as how to maximise the opportunities on offer for all those working in our modern energy sector”.

The OWIC report “Offshore Wind: Building On The UK’s Success” is available here


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1.    The Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) is a senior Government and industry forum established in 2013 to drive the development of the world-leading offshore wind sector in the UK. 

2.    The OWIC report “Offshore Wind: Building On The UK’s Success” is available here

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