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For the latest updates and further information please visit the OWGP website.

The flagship Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) was set up in 2019 to support the growth of the UK supply chain through improvements in productivity and competitiveness. The programme was established as part of the Sector Deal and responds to recommendations in the Whitmarsh Review.

OWGP is funded by the OWIC members and has a budget of £100m up to 2030. By October 2021, OWGP has awarded £4.6m to a total of 80 companies and allocated £18.3m to new supply chain programmes. 

“The senior industrial leaders in the OWGP Board take a proactive approach in utilising their experience in  driving the strategic direction, and OWGP has rapidly established itself as the cornerstone of supply chain growth in the UK. It is an efficient and effective way to provide support directly to supply chain companies and progress is carefully measured to track growth in jobs, turnover, exports and IP.” 


Halfdan Brustad
Workstream Sponsor, Equinor

OWGP supports the supply chain through a combination of grant funding and business transformation services. The grants provide funds to enable companies to grow their capacity and capability whilst the business transformation programmes provide access to business improvement specialists to improve competitiveness. 
The grant funding programme currently consists of smaller innovation grants (£25k to £100k) for the development of new products and services and larger development grants (£100k to £1m) to support company growth. The most recent innovation grant call has been targeted at technology to accelerate consenting and site development – a key focus area to achieve net zero targets and an area where UK innovation can be exported to rapidly growing global markets. 


The business transformation programme provides access to sector specific business support for new market entrants and companies with high growth ambitions through the Wind Expert Support Toolkit (WEST) programme. This is a foundation level programme to increase the number of UK companies winning work in the sector. For larger companies with a turnover of over £5m, OWGP is offering access to the Sharing in Growth programme that provides long term support to improve business performance from the board room to the manufacturing facility. Over 40 companies have now benefited from the WEST programme and 8 companies are currently participating in Sharing in Growth. 
OWGP has an independent board of directors to provide strong governance and the programme is delivered by a dedicated team from the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult. This structure ensures accountability but allows the programme to be delivered efficiently with the agility to respond to supply chain needs. The latest opportunities for supply chain support are available on the OWGP website. The OWGP grant and business transformation activities are complemented by direct supply chain engagement activities led by the developers. Examples of these can be found in the Collaborating for Growth Playbook.  


Andrew MacDonald
OWGP Programme Director, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult


Sophie Banham
OWGP Reference Group Workstream Lead