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If you are new to offshore wind consenting or you would like a refresher to check your knowledge of offshore wind consenting, the below modules are freely available:

Module 1 - Offshore Wind in the UK

An overview of the history of offshore wind and offshore wind leasing and consenting in the UK. This module will also give you a high-level overview of the key components of an offshore wind farm.

Estimated completion time: 110 minutes

Module 2 - Offshore Wind and Climate Change

This module explores the role that offshore wind plays in tackling climate change and key future challenges for the offshore wind industry.

Estimated completion time: 75 minutes

Module 3 - Key players in the UK Offshore Wind Industry

This module provides an overview of some of the key stakeholders involved in the offshore wind consenting processes and their responsibilities. 

Estimated completion time: 95 minutes

Module 4 - Project Planning and Early Development of an Offshore Wind Farm

This module explores the role of legislation and policy in setting targets and underpinning offshore wind leasing and ultimately informing project site selection work. 

Estimated completion time: 80 minutes

Module 5 - Applying for and Securing the Main Consents for an Offshore Wind Farm in the UK

This module covers the key consents required to construct and operate and offshore wind farm in the UK and the differences between the devolved administrations. It also provides an overview of the EIA and HRA processes.

Estimated completion time: 100 minutes

Module 6 - From Consent to Construction and Operation of an Offshore Wind Farm

This module explores the project processes after a project has received consent. It covers funding decisions, construction and how an offshore wind farm is operated as well as how the consents are managed.

Estimated completion time: 40 minutes

Module 7 - Decommissioning of an Offshore Wind Farm

This module provides an overview of what happens at the end of the end of a project’s lifespan, the related legal obligations and looks at some examples of how offshore wind farms have been decommissioned so far.

Estimated completion time: 30 minutes

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