We've gathered some useful resources from across the OWIC membership so you can find out about the different roles in Offshore Wind, and see current vacancies across the sector. 

Check out the career pages of our OWIC members below for information and opportunities for job seekers,  graduates, undergraduates, and those interested in apprenticeships.


Whether you've decided to join the Offshore Wind Industry, or you're looking to make your next move within the sector, you'll find out about working with some great, forward-thinking companies - and how you can help build a greener future.



There are thousands of people employed in offshore wind, and each person has taken a slightly different career path. Many people come into offshore wind from other sectors, as many of the roles or skills are transferable. Whether you've a background or interest in the sciences, engineering, construction, business, economics, communication, or policy, there is likely to be a role in offshore wind. 

Jobs in offshore wind are spread across the UK, particularly along the east coast of Scotland and England. According to our last surveys, the average age of people in the industry was 38, with a quarter of the workforce being under 30 - making the offshore wind industry younger than the national average. Individual companies and the sector as a whole are looking at how best to train newcomers, increase diversity and improve gender balance

Not every role in offshore wind requires a degree. There are also opportunities to enter the sector through vocational routes such as Higher National Certificates, Higher National Diplomas, and apprenticeships. 

Below is information on just some of the common roles in offshore wind. 

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