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Consenting & Environment: barriers to growth


There isn't sufficient UK Government and Devolved Administration Guidance to deliver compensatory measures or principles to enforce and adaptively manage compensatory measures.


Biodiversity policy targets may limit the amount of marine space available for offshore wind deployment required to meet 2030 and net zero targets.

Underwater Noise

There is a lack of clear guidance on underwater noise management within harbour porpoise SACs (England and Wales specific).

Adopting Evidence

There isn't a defined process or transparent way of communicating when and how research outcomes inform Government, SNCB and regulatory body positions on the impacts of offshore wind farms.


There is a shortfall in the required volume and range of skills within SNCBs and regulatory bodies needed to meet the demand in casework to deliver offshore wind 2030 and net zero targets.

Marine Spatial Planning

The existing approaches to marine spatial planning do not provide clarity on how decisions are being made on use of the marine space to ensure there is adequate area available to meet 2030 and net zero targets.

Proportionate Environmental Impact Assessments

The volume of information required for environmental impact assessments will continue to impact decision makers' resource availability, leading to delays during both consent application and preconstruction discharge of consent conditions.

Cumulative Impact Assessment on Seabirds

There is a lack of certainty and consistency in the approach taken to measure the cumulative impact on seabirds during the construction and operational phase. 

Future Policy

Opportunities to resolve policy or legislative challenges or to make improvements to wider policy delivery are missed leading to delays meeting UK net zero targets.

Data Collection

The different approaches to collecting monitoring data at project sites across the UK is preventing development of a more coordinated, robust evidence base to support the understanding and potential resolution of uncertainty in offshore wind development.

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