The renewable energy sector is a fast-growing, innovative and exciting industry that has a breadth of opportunities and many diverse career paths to choose from.


In offshore wind alone, we are looking to support 27,000 direct jobs by 2030 as part of our Sector Deal commitments. By working within the sector, you are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity. This future is better for industry, bill payers and the environment both within the UK and for markets all over the world.

Offshore Wind provides a wide range of careers for almost any skill set and educational background, such as:

  • project engineers

  • technology innovators

  • health and safety professionals

  • training coordinators

  • oceanographers and environmental scientists

  • sub-sea divers

  • asset managers

  • data analysts

  • policy advisors

  • economists

  • stakeholder advisors

  • public affairs and communications professionals

  • sales managers

  • project managers

Jobs in Offshore Wind are spread across the UK, the sector is working hard to train newcomers, increase diversity and improve gender balance.


Whether you're a graduate or apprentice starting their career, or you're looking to transition to an exciting, green, growing industry, Offshore Wind could have an opportunity for you.


Already in the industry? Find out how to enhance your CV and build on your career.

The Offshore Wind Industry Council brings together industry, policy-makers and stakeholders to shape the industry, and work collaboratively to achieve our ambitions for 2030 and beyond.