The Road to Diversity and Inclusion

In SGRE UK we work together, internally and externally, with customers and partners to support us in becoming a more diverse & inclusive workforce. We have engaged in a variety of approaches to reduce gender bias in recruitment, line management and leadership.

All our (recruiting) managers have access to inclusive leadership material, helping them to recognise potential bias in recruitment.  We ensure that at each stage of our recruitment process we provide equal opportunity to all candidates regardless of their background. 

Interview panels are gender balanced and diverse in representation and should understand the importance of using gender-neutral language, structured interviews, and competency-based assessment criteria. 


Supporting Diversity and Developing Talent

During the pandemic in 2020 we launched an Inclusive Leadership Framework supporting our community of managers and leaders in applying inclusive principles, gender neutral language and made available actions plans to bring diversity and inclusion at the forefront of the business agenda. It supports our community of managers and leaders to focus on developing and engagement.


We support and promote diversity celebrations that visibly demonstrate our commitment to inclusion; internal campaigns promote inclusive role-modelling; internal platforms and social media campaigns are used to support, encourage and promote development, mentoring, learning for everyone equally; Annual Employee Engagement Surveys listen to the employees’ feedback; Women Network, Inclusivity Hub & other internal groups have been established to support and promote an open inclusive culture and foster allyship.


We continually invest in ways in which we increase our diversity in our people and also take pride in creating an environment where people can bring their whole selves to work here at SGRE.